General Membership Questions

My union dues are automatically deducted from my pay. Does this mean I am a member and I do not need to do anything else?
– Yes, you are a member once union dues start being deducted and entitled to participate in the union. However, there are still further steps to take to ensure your union dues are directed to the correct local and that your membership info is up to date so we can keep you informed of important events and benefits.
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Union Dues

How much are my union dues?
– There is a calculation based on set rates …. and can be found here…….

Grievance Process

Can I file a grievance?
– Yes, you can file a grievance …….

How long does the grievance process take?
– The process will vary depending on the type of grievance and the level……….

Union Representatives

Who are our local union representatives?
– The members of the current Executive of CEIU Local 90113 can be seen on the “About Us” page of this website. The members of the executive are your fellow union brothers and sisters who have volunteered their time to represent you and help protect your interests. You can contact them via email by clicking on their name in the list or viewing the email addresses on the “Contact Us” page.

Collective Agreements

Where can I find a copy of the current collective agreement?
– There is a link on our “Links & Resources” page to the current collective agreement. If you have accessibility issues and need a different format, please contact your local union representative.